We think long term at Bentley. It’s an approach that takes us further.

We not only invest and develop, we maintain and manage too. It’s part of our hands-on commitment to add value to the places that we make, and to the enjoyment of the people that use them: residents, occupiers or visitors.

Our focus is local, our outlook international. We understand the vital importance of a dedicated on-the-ground management team. Bentley Estate Management brings to bear over 40 years’ experience in handling the bespoke challenges of investors from within and outside the EU, and the day-to-day needs of tenants and residents.

Currently BEM handle affairs for 3 estates and one of the largest property portfolios in all of Gibraltar – spanning 8 residential towers and close to 1,000 apartment units, as well as over 200 apartments for private landlords and the majority of retail and commercial spaces, parking spaces and storage spaces within our complex. Their role incorporates the full spectrum of property management, from administration of license agreements and official formalities to screening potential tenants, from interior design advice to concierge services for residents including laundry, deliveries, repairs and maintenance.
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